Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ordering a Caricature

It's really simple. All you need is to send one of your pictures, which features your entire face and facial details. And of course, you need to pay for the caricature.

I use paypal. You can send the picture to the same address. It's

sujanimator AT gmail DOT com.

There are three categories. The SPECIAL category features most details and twists and consumes more time, hence, money too. The CLASSIC category features enough details and twists, and costs less. The SIMPLE category costs least, and features the essential touch to render a fine caricature.

Please notice that the categories do not depend on the use of color. A caricature in special category might be in B/W, while a simple one could be in color, and vice versa.

Price list is as following:

Category Name

Price [in Canadian Dollar]


150 CAD


100 CAD


50 CAD


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